The founding

On September 4th 1947, the second extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina , unanimously adopted the Law on the State Hospital for mental illness in Sarajevo . Five-year development plan of the national economy had 1,200 000 dinars reserved for the purpose of reorganization of the ” Gajtan factory ” into a hospital for mental illness. It had anticipated an addition of a larger property for economics and workshops that would be an integral part of the hospital in the pavillon system. Adaptation of the former factory and purchase of hospital equipment lasted for a full year. Dr. Salvator Karabaić had became the firsrt dean of the hospital. The first patient came to the hospital on July 25th 1949 , and by the end of the year had  received the total od 129 patients, and the following year an additional 86 patients.

The hospital was managed by 11 deans. Some of them had left a great and valuable academic knowledge to the hospital. In his work he had the support of major neprocjenjibo nurses technicians hospital . Development and contributed to the reputation of the hospital ‘s entire constellation of prominent psychiatrists who worked there.

Hospital Deans

1. Prim.dr Salvator Karabaić

2. Dr Salih Ridžanović

3. Dr Branko Jurin

4. Prim.dr John Milaković

5. Dr. Rizo Kapitanović

6. Prim . Dr. Danica Paunic

7. Dr med.sc. azemina Bajrić

8. Dr Mešić Jasminka

9. Prim.dr Seadin Ljubović

10. Prim.dr. Ferid Mujanović

11. Prim.dr. Omer Ćemalović

Chief Nurse Executives

1. Jovo Stanisic

2. Colic Janko

3. Kulić Rajko

4. Erjavec Janja

5. Sonja Stankovic

6. Kosorić Momir

7. Pekusic Huso

8. Coric Mustafa

9. Dizdarevic Ibrahim

10. Kerl Abid

11. Mutap Mirsad

Prim.dr Salvator Karabaić (1884-1956) First and longtime dean of the State Hospital for mental illnesses in Sarajevo, Prim.dr Salvator Karabaić, was born in the island of Krk in 1884. He finished high school in Susak in 1904, after which he went to Vienna to study medicine. He graduated in the year of 1910 and has worked in Pula and in Kovine. In the period from December 26th 1919 and 1929. he worked in the Department for the mental disorders “Stenjevac”.  He moved to Sarajevo to become the head of neurpsychiatry in the State Hospital. He was replaced by Egon Zahradka who remained in that post until 1945. During the World War II he had proved to be a true patriot. Upon the establishment of the State Hospital for Mental Illness in Sarajevo he becomes the dean of the institution and remains in that position until 1956. On the year of 1955 he received the title of primarius. He had dedicated his entire life and free time to the patient. He died on June 25th 1956 at the Surgical Clinic in Sarajevo.